2018-2023 Strategic Action Plan


Above you will find Uniquely Yours: Neuse Regional Library 2018-2023 Strategic Action Plan. This document represents the end result of a months-long planning process during 2013-2014 by the Neuse Regional Library’s Strategic Steering Committee, which was composed of staff members, Board members, and community leaders. Additional revisions have been made since that time to keep the Plan updated. The Plan identifies the Library’s vision, mission, objectives, and goals, and describes the strategies employed by the Library towards realizing them, and has been updated yearly since that process.

The Committee was guided by consultant Bill Millett of Scope View Strategic Advantage of Charlotte.  The Library was awarded funding to hire this consultant through a Library Services Technology Act 2013-2014 EZ Planning Grant, administered by the State Library of North Carolina. Thanks to the efforts of the Committee, the Library has a document that serves as a road map for how it will adapt to future challenges in serving its patrons. Please feel free to peruse this document and learn more about how the Library is equipping itself for the constantly evolving nature of informational technology.