Human Trafficking 101 Training

On Thursday, August 16th, ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now will be providing a training session at Kinston-Lenoir County Public Library at 6PM. This training will teach the basics on how to recognize and prevent human trafficking in North Carolina.

ENC Stop Human Trafficking Now is a non-profit organization that works towards informing communities so that they might work together to abolish human trafficking both locally and globally. They also promote local markets for fairly traded items produced without coerced or exploitative labor practices.

Information about what sex and labor trafficking is will be included during the session, as well as presentations of case studies of instances in North Carolina regarding arrests and convictions. By the end of the training session, guests will understand how to spot the warning signs, and why North Carolina ranks no. 8 in the nation form human trafficking reports.

To register for this event, please contact Melinda Sampson by email at melinda@encstophumantraffickingnow. This is a free event, and guests will still be welcome at the door the day of.