Try Out Credo, a New Research Tool Available Through NC LIVE

Conducting research in the 21st century often means navigating fake news sites, biased media, and contradictory online information. Information literacy has emerged as a critical skill to achieve academic, professional, and personal success. Thanks to a partnership between the state’s library consortium NC LIVE and Credo Reference, Credo Online Reference Service will offer North Carolinians a trustworthy starting point to find information about their research or personal topics of interest. Credo provides background knowledge, illustrates relationships between topics, and cites the information they provide simply and consistently. North Carolinians won’t need to worry that what they are reading is bogus.

Users will be empowered to locate and explore the reliable information they need via Credo’s flagship exploratory search platform. Beyond providing the community with a tool to navigate a precarious information landscape, Credo’s interface will help acclimate first-year students to the rigors of college-level research through features like the Mind Map brainstorming tool and Topic Pages, which help teach information literacy concepts like exploratory searching and scholarly conversations.

Credo Reference is available at